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    Full Story

    Date: 08.30.2007 Posted by: Gladiators Software Views: 7385 | Rate: 10.00

    Let's say you travel a lot, or you have to work on several computers located in different offices, or just use Internet cafes or kiosks very often, but regardless of that you want your personal registered copy of AltDesk always to be at hand. Impossible? Not at all!

    Gladiators Software company has released portable version of AltDesk, which can be stored on any removable data medium (CD, USB flash drive, etc.) and used on any computer you need. Just plug in the removable drive, start AltDesk, work (or play:)) and take your AltDesk with you after you finish.

    AltDesk is powerful, flexible and easy to use Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows.

    With AltDesk you'll be able to ease your daily work by managing numerous task more efficiently than before. Virtual Desktops technology, implemented in AltDesk, allows you to work with a single display nearly as effective as if you used several monitors at once. Unlike competing products, AltDesk uses icons and thumbnails to represent tasks, which makes task management more effective as you can reach any given task in the shortest time. AltDesk doesn't use a lot of screen space, you can even hide its window and manage Desktops with hotkeys. You can also change program's appearance by applying skins, which can be found on our home page .


    Our company is very thankful to Mr. Jason Black aka "Liderc", who suggested this idea and who helped us greatly with the program testing and polishing, for the wonderful job he did.

    If you an already registered AltDesk user, you are welcome to download AltDesk 1.8 PORTABLE and register it with your key - no need to purchase another serial number!

    In order to restore your lost registration key, please refer to

    We'd also like to remind that translating AltDesk to the languages missing in the list is awarded with FREE registration keys (see the help file for more details).

    Get The Full Version for $15.00Download AltDesk 1.8 portable

    Best regards, Gladiators Software

    User comments

     Date: 10.23.2007
    Name: Davis
    Rate: 10

    I looked around everywhere for a virtual desktop manager back 2003. I tried many versions and AltDesk was the best. I purchased a license and have been using it ever since. Excellent Product!!! Keep up the good work!

     Date: 11.20.2007
    Name: karen shaw
    Rate: 10

    Have been using AltDesk for several years -- can't live without it. So convenient with multiple apps and docs open.

     Date: 05.21.2010
    Name: some person

    Thanks for providing a portable version -- what are the license terms for it? Beyond Compare has personal license terms that work well with a portable version (one machine, any number of people, or one person, any number of machines). This was rated highly by cnet so I'm interested in buying the portable version.

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