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    Interesting facts about AltDesk

    We wouldn't palter if we call AltDesk the most powerful, easy to use and feature rich Virtual Desktop Manager available today. It has no rivals among both commercial and free software and rare products have a portion of its features.

    Here are some facts about AltDesk you may find interesting:

    • AltDesk has been the first Virtual Desktop Managers for Windows, which used icons for representing running tasks. We've found that it's the easiest way of maniupliating a huge number of tasks simultaneously.
    • Our research shows, that most consumers use four to six Virtual Desktops. AltDesk lets you create any reasonable number of Virtual workspaces you may ever need, up to 256.
    • Skins let you make AltDesk fit any Desktop. You can easily apply one of the numerous skins available or create a new one by following our comprehensive tutorials. Besides, Aston Shell themes can already have AltDesk skins included.
    • Just like Aston Shell, AltDesk is highly tweaked for performance and is very resource friendly. Depending on your settings you usually need from 500 Kb to a few megabytes of RAM. We've made sure it runs well on any computers. However, the owners of new machines, running Windows 200/XP will be able to enjoy transparency effects and freeform modern format skins.
    • We have thought of details. Do you need hotkeys for faster Desktop access or just wish to get thumbnail previews of your tasks? Or, maybe, different wallpapers for Desktops or a feature, which gives you an opportunity to hide private data from your screen? No problem! We've also added "recover window" and manual icon update features in order to make sure you'll be able to access your windows even in case of software failure.
    • AltDesk is very user friendly. We work hard in order to let people "just use it" so that there would be no need for any prior configuration. At the same time experienced users can take complete control over AltDesk and enjoy its advanced features.
    • AltDesk is translated into 42 languages so a great number of people all over the world can enjoy its features. We try to keep these translations up to date with each new version of our software.
    • We're honest with our customers: you can evaluate a fully functional, uncrippled version of AltDesk for a whole month before the purchase. We don't want our customers to purchase a pig in a poke.
    • When purchasing AltDesk, you get free lifetime upgrades till the new major version is released. Major version usually implies a complete engine rewriting and numerous other improvements. No subscription fees, no support fees, you pay once and use it for ever.


    Tucows, 5/5 cows:
    "This tool creates alternative interchangeable desktops with a single mouse click. It's easily minimized and offers clear-cut options."

    Softpedia, 5/5 user rating

    User reviews from
    "Try this one! Altdesk does not clutter up your taskbar, it does not make noises when switching desktops, it does not blink, honk, pop-up, reconfigure windows, start wizards or anything like this. It has no screenshot function or time planner or note book built in. It's just there, it's slim and it works very stable."
    "I love this program... i have been looking around for awhile and finally found it.. very easy to use. Thanks for making such a nice product. Never had any problems with it."

    5 star tools, 5/5 stars

    GlobalShareware 5 Gold Disc Award

    5 Gold Stars Rated on

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