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    For immediate release
    Contact: Nick Egorov
    Company: Gladiators Software
    E-mail: press[AT]
        Gladiators  Software  announces  today  the release of Aston Shell
    1.9.2,  the  highly regarded Explorer software replacement for Windows
    98-XP, and AltDesk 1.6 Virtual Desktop Management tool.
        Aston  shell  is  an entirely original replacement for the Windows
    user  environment,  allowing users to modify and redesign their entire
    desktop  environment,  from  the start menu and taskbar, to innovative
    new  elements  for  the  desktop  and  more.  This is achieved without
    sacrificing   system   stability   or  resource  usage,  and  actually
    outperforms the corresponding Microsoft program.
        The  desktop and taskbar environment takes computer usage to a new
    level,  allowing  both  the  professional  and  non-professional  user
    complete  control over the appearance of their PC, by either utilizing
    the wide variety of existing themes freely available for download from
    the  website  or  many  other  sites,  or by designing
    something  completely  new  for  themselves. In this regard, the Aston
    replacement  shell  again  sets  itself,  apart.  Gone are the days of
    modifying  mysterious  configuration  files - Aston Shell comes with a
    comprehensive  set  of  tools allowing quick and simple customisation,
    easily understood by even the newest computer user.
        Aston  shell’s  highly optimized code is written to accomplish all
    of this, and yet still provide a very high standard of performance and
    stability.  It may be run on older hardware configurations without any
    performance   penalty,  and  for  more  modern  hardware  setup,  adds
    additional capabilities such as 32 bit animated icons, clear-type icon
    text,  and  XP  style  system  tray not available in earlier operating
    systems.  “Plug-ins”  are  available  which  allow the user to further
    extend  the  usefulness and enjoyment of their machine, providing such
    tools   as  desktop  weather,  configurable  screen-side  and  desktop
    toolbars,  resource  monitoring,  analogue clocks, and much much more!
    The  whole  Aston  experience  is placed literally at your fingertips,
    with  a  powerful  hot-key  manager  that allows the control of a vast
    array  of  system  functions,  commands and programs with a simple key
        AltDesk  1.6  is the latest version of highly customizable Virtual
    Desktop  Manager  from  Gladiators  Software.  Easing  your  work with
    numerous documents, AltDesk desktops are more efficient, and take less
    time  to  use  than  switching tasks manually or even using Windows XP
    enhanced  task  handling.  Every  desktop  can  have  its own name and
    keyboard  shortcut  for  quick access. Virtual Desktops utilise little
    screen  area, and can have any shape and size, dependent on appearance
    theme  used.  As  with  Astonshell,  there are a considerable array of
    pre-built  skins for AltDesk, and is easily modified by the user. Easy
    skin  installation and Very fast wallpaper switching algorithm make it
    yet  more user friendly. ALtDesk 1.6 features redesigned configuration
    interface,  high quality resampling algorithm for wallpaper stretching
    and  task  previews  (small  thumbnails, displaying a certain window's
    content).  In  comparison  to the previous versions, AltDesk 1.6 has a
    new   skin   format,   a   new  NSIS-based  installer  and  redesigned
    configuration  interface. New localization system currently supporting
    23  languages and more coming soon - every volunteer translator gets a
    registration key for free. Comprehensive help system includes skinning
    tutorials and translation guide. A great companion to Aston Shell, the
    two  work  seamlessly  together  to  create  an unparalleled computing
    Aston shell and AltDesk are also fortunate to have a knowledgeable
    and   friendly   support  community,  where  tips,  tricks,  help  and
    troubleshooting  are dispensed free of charge, and in a supportive and
    welcoming  environment.  The  community  atmosphere  is  stressed as a
    contrast  to  other  frequently  intimidating  technically  orientated
    sites,  and  this  is  yet  another area where Aston Shell sets itself
        Time-limited  demo versions of Aston and AltDesk can be downloaded
    from,  and  single  or bulk licenses may be
    purchased at the website.
        About  Gladiators  Software: Founded in Moscow, Russia, Gladiators
    software  specializes  in Desktop replacement and enhancement software
    for Windows. Its two main products are Aston Shell and AltDesk.
        Copyright:  ©  2006 Gladiators Software, Inc. All other trademarks
    and  registered  trademarks  are the sole property of their respective
    For more information, contact Gladiators Software at: 
    E-mail: press[AT]
    Web site:
    Evaluation Copy Available On Request
    Copyright © 1999-2024 Gladiators Software