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    Press room

    For immediate release
    Contact: Nick Egorov
    Company: Gladiators Software
    E-mail: press[AT]
       Gladiators Software are calling your attention to Star Blaze, a space shooter
    game,  which  is a leisure exception to the functional software, produced by the
    company.  If you're the one who enjoys a real fast-paced arcade fighting, you'll
    find Star Blaze worth a download.
       Star Blaze is a classic "kill'em all" scrolling arcade game, featuring modern
    32  bit  graphics  with  great  FX  and  skeletal  animation, sound and hardcore
    gameplay.  It  provides  supreme entertainment due to amazing visual effects and
    original atmospheric soundtrack.
       In  Star  Blaze  a player navigates his ship (one of the 4, up to his choice)
    over  a  scrolling  space and crushes his enemies in the depths of the space, on
    the  deadly ground, dark ocean waters and even reach the core planet Retulla. 80
    enemy types plus bosses at the end of each level - more than enough to satisfy a
    want  of  adrenalin even for a sophisticated gamer, isn't it? As you speed along
    through  24 unique game levels, organized into 4 episodes, you can see the ruins
    of  lost  civilizations,  the  beauty of the underwater and horrible underground
    tunnels.  Weapon  upgrades,  power-ups and bonuses let you collect resources and
    give  your spacecraft more firepower to annihilate the dark forces. Nice looking
    and  friendly  UI  gives  you  total  control  over  your ship. There is also an
    opportunity  to  invite  a  friend  and  double  the  firepower  in a two-player
    cooperative mode.
       "We  wanted  players  to  feel  really carried away with the game," says Nick
    Egorov,  the president of Gladiators Software. "Every aspect of it was important
    for us - graphics, soundtrack, gameplay, variety of elements. We worked them out
    very carefully to make if not everyone then at least every arcade-fan happy."
        About Gladiators Software:
       Founded  in  Moscow,  Russia,  Gladiators  software  specializes  in  Desktop
    replacement  and  enhancement  software  for  Windows. Its two main products are
    Aston  Shell  and  AltDesk.  Nevertheless,  Gladiators Software's product lineup
    includes also two games, one of which is the above-described Star Blaze.
    Copyright:  2006 Gladiators Software, Inc. All other trademarks and registered
    trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.
    For more information, contact Gladiators Software at: 
    E-mail: press[AT]
    Web site:
    Star Blaze:
    Copyright © 1999-2024 Gladiators Software