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    Star Blaze


    Star Blaze is a classical "kill'em all" scrolling arcade game, featuring modern graphics, sound and hardcore gameplay.
    Just sit down, start the game, choose your spaceship, give it firepower and feel the adrenaline, just like the old good times. We promise, you won't feel bored. Oh... do you prefer numbers?
    Here they go:

  • Modern 32 bit graphics with great FX and skeletal animation
  • 24 unique game levels, organized into 4 episodes
  • 80 enemy types plus bosses at the end of each level
  • 4 ships to choose from plus numerous weapon upgrades and power-ups
  • Nice looking and friendly UI, giving you total control over your ship
  • Single or two player mode: invite a friend and double the firepower
  • Original atmospheric soundtrack Still don't feel satisfied? Just take a look at the screenshots below or download a demo and see yourself.


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    Download Star Blaze

    General information

    Last Update:
    20 may 05

    File size:
    13 Mb

    Free Download Star Blaze


    Microsoft Windows,
    Pentium II 400 MHz CPU or better
    64 Mb RAM,
    16 Mb video RAM
    DirectX-8 or higher


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