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    Information for Aston's advanced users


    Once you upgrade your Aston to version 1.9.6 no matter where you stored your Aston RC (settings files) before they will be placed now to the new location. Due to our constant effort to make Aston better and more user-friendly we have made some changes and now for each user Aston automatically creates its profile and stores its settings files and themes under
    "C:\Documents and Settings\%USER NAME%\Application Data\Aston\".
    But if for some reason you want to store those files to some other place we have left that option open. Just follow a few easy steps below.

    1. Start Notepad (or any other text editor)

    2. Type the following:
    Dir="path to location where you would like Aston to keep it's settings files and themes"

    For example
    Dir="C:\Program Files\Aston\"

    Under "Dir=..." you specify the path to location where you would like Aston to keep it's settings files and themes.

    3.Give that file Aston.ini name (a regular text file with ini extension instead of txt) and save it in Aston installation folder, for instance (and in most cases) "C:\Program Files\Aston\"

    4. Recycle

    Note that you can specify any path under Dir=" " but the file Aston.ini must be placed in Aston install folder!

    Also note that by using this way to set the location of these files you won't be able to have separate Aston configurations for each Aston user if there are more than one user accounts that run Aston. All users will have the same configuration. We apologize for this inconvenience, we are working on finding solution to override this limitation.

    We know there are Aston users out there that like to install new themes by coping theme file to Aston theme folder or saving it directly there but really there is no need for that, believe us. We recommend that you just click open button once the download dialog in your web browser appears or save it where ever you like and just double-click it after the file is completely downloaded. In both cases the theme will be copied to theme folder automatically and applied. Can't get easier than that :)
    Still confused?!

    Ok look at what I did.
    I wanted to have my settings stored in one easily accessible place so I made a new folder on the drive D: "D:\Aston Settings\". Then I launched Notepad and entered what you can see below.


    Then I saved it in Aston installation folder (in my case it was "C:\Program Files\") as Aston.ini. Yes, the name of the file is important!

    save dialog

    And just recycled.


    Now we can check if the operation was successful by going to Aston Master > Boot Configuration. Have a look :


    See that under Path to the configuration file there is D:\Aston settings\. That is great - just what I wanted!

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