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    Aston Secure Desktop


          With the help of Aston Secure Desktop administrator can deny user access to the control panel, screen properties, lock local, network or removable disks, prohibit registry editing, applications installing-uninstalling and enjoy other administrative functions.

    Aston Secure Desktop

    Rest assured that your computer is protected

    Computers are great tools. However, a computer should be protected. To prevent troubles when employees download pirated software from the web, or when students use a school computer for unintended purposes, or trade show attendees change the settings on a public computer.

    Restrict access to applications completely, or at specified times

    Employees, students or users of public computers sometimes do not follow the established rules that limit the use of a computer to specific purposes. Aston Secure Desktop applies the rules you have set up in a friendly, but efficient manner. You can provide access only to predefined applications and block everything else. This will eliminate the possibility of unexpected surprises.

    Hands off system settings!

    It can take a while to set up a home or office computer so that it is ideally configured. At this point, no further modifications to settings should be allowed. Aston SD can completely block access to certain system settings. You can restrict access to Start menu or Control Panel. You can also hide specific drives in your file manager, or prohibit changes to the appearance of the desktop, hide Task manager and disable 'Win' key, etc.

    The desktop stays the way it is!

    Unauthorized changes to the desktop can be a problem whenever multiple users share a computer, as when they download and install exotic wallpaper from the Web, for example. Aston SD freezes the desktop appearance as you set it up. This can include the ability to move icons, or use of the context menu on any school or public-access computer.

    Desktop Protection

    Desktop settings changing may become a problem as when users download and install exotic wallpaper. You can lock wallpaper, stop icons from being moved, deleted, or renamed. You can also prevent usage of context menus and access to widgets and panels' settings.

    Protecting the start menu

    You can disable start menu and top programs list customization, hide start menu, restrict access to Control Panel, prevent logging off, shutting down or other power control options and much more.

    Application White list

    Select applications your user is able to run and restrict all other programs. Enable white list whenever you need it.

    For Children

    Computers arouse keen interest in children. Computers help them sharpen their agility as well as their abilities. They can learn and make new friends. Internet provides a lot of useful information, but if you abuse it it can be harmful. Children have to go out once in a while, spend time outdoors and doing some other activity. Aston SD is a means of limiting time your child spends in front of PC.
    Give children an "allowance" of time Aston SD keeps track of the time your kids spend in front of the computer. Once their time is up, the computer automatically shuts down or logs off and won't start up again-something any kid can understand. Another way of looking at it: "Aston gives your kids back time that they are then free to spend in other ways."

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    Last Update:
    3 June 10

    File size:
    13,7 Mb

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